News: DESIGNSTRAPS verändert sich. Die Kameragurt Eigenkollektion, bleibt dabei weiterhin für euch bestehen! 
Alle Kameragurte sind "Made in Germany" und aus 8 Jahren Erfahrung am Markt entstanden.

About us



quote_enYou and your camera - you are unique. Just as you show the world from your very special point of view, in your inimitable way, with your photos who you are and what you see. It is something very personal - the expression of your values ​​and your spirit. 

This thought has never left us. Just as you set out with your camera to capture that moment, so we've started to search for you and your camera to find the accessories that suit your personality.

It all started with the colorful Capturing Couture camera straps, which inspired us from the first moment through their variety, quality and design. Each different, each in its own way a piece of art. Over time, our product range has grown organically: your feedback and needs were and are our guide. Therefore we added camera bags, camera backpacks, half cases and inserts to our portfolio.

Although our product base grew, we kept a good eye on the designers and brands behind the products. In our modern world, which is dominated by fast pace and anonymity, we want to set an example. Less instead of more. Quality not quantity. That's why we choose our manufacturers with great care. Beyond mass production, our products are carefully crafted with attention to detail. Small, high-quality brand products, some of which are even handmade. Some of our products are only available exclusively by DESIGNSTRAPS.

Since 2017, we launched our first DESIGNSTRAPS collection of own desigend and produced camera straps. 
We knew your needs and desires and used them to create classics that are durable and of high quality. In cooperation with a local designer, we have created products that are 100% "Made in Germany". The quality of the material used was important to us as well. So our leathers are all vegetable tanned. 

We are very grateful for your feedback so far: 

"Yesterday I got my first DESIGNSTRAPS Classic 30mm Cognac Brown camera strap, I can only say: awesome !! It does not just look great, the best thing is that it does not slip! I was looking for something like that already for a long time and all the rubber or nylon or whatever else stuff you find on the market never satisfied me. So I ordered a second one, as I'm not just using one camera, thank you for this great product. "- Bernhard S.

"I ordered two camera straps from you in the shop and when I saw the DESIGNSTRAPS strap I thought WOW. That's what I've been looking for for ages. The quality is really nice. Handling is great. I'm really happy with this product. "- Thomas N.

"The leather is awesome. Strong and durable but not too rigid like some others. The price for the convertible camera strap is absolutely justified at 109 euros. Now that I've had the strap with me for two weeks in my pocket, what can I say, I still like it a lot. "- Jörg L.  

We always had the vision to be more than just an online shop, we wanted to open the space for a community that connects people. So there are some special features we are proud of: 

One of our camera straps gives back. Each sold "Harmony Sharety" supports the helping project „Fighting blindness and its consequences" initiated by Andheri Hilfe Bonn. The eye as a symbol for photography, gets a completely different meaning.

We have a student discount to make our high quality products available to you as well.

Our DESIGNSTRAPS ambassadors use our products every day and through them we receive feedback and share the passion for beautiful camera accessories. Only avaiable in German language.  

Be part of our community too. With every product that goes into the world via our online shop, you are part of it.
Christina & Anne